Examples of applications for electrically driven vehicles

Environmentally friendly innovations
Electric small truck by Weidemann

Flexible technology for the mobility of the future

Halving operational costs for freight handling? No problem! Making a Guinness World Record with the e-kart? Done! Developing the first fully electronic commercial truck? Piece of cake!

Electric drives offer many benefits in comparison to conventional technology, which is why the business of developing and retrofitting trucks is booming. Over the past few years, Linde eMotion – together with its partners – has developed an entire range of concrete, practical applications and prepared them for series production.

With the proven drive technology of Linde forklifts and the necessary expertise, Linde eMotion develops sustainable and innovative business models.

From forklifts to the perfect electric kart

eMotion worked together with renowned racing and rental kart manufacturer CRG to develop the electric kart E-DRENALINE, starting with a prototype model.

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A Pioneer among Utility Vehicles

With the eHoftrac, utility vehicle manufacturers Weidemann and eMotion first developed a fully electric farm loader in 2013.

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Futuristic Technology for Clean Cities

For the urban and business environment, you need compact cleaning vehicles with as few emissions as possible. Val'Air has opted for Linde eMotion solutions for its prototype development activities.

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21st Century Railroad Cars

Based on Zwiehoff’s specifications, Linde eMotion developed the road/rail shunters ROTRAC E2 and E4. The complete electric drive technology is from Linde Material Handling.

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The eco-hero for megacities

With the Peace, the Korean manufacturer Power Plaza has developed a compact, emission-free truck for the world’s major cities. Linde’s drive technology has created a powerful and yet affordable vehicle.

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The Green Freight Loader

The Laweco Cargo Master CML7 Green Line container loader is based on the systems expertise and an electro-hydraulic drive concept from Linde Material Handling. The result is significant cost savings and no emissions.

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More Innovative Application Examples

Linde kart E1

The World Record-Breaking Kart E1

What began as a small experiment is now zooming around race tracks the world over. In 2010, Linde eMotion engineers integrated components of an electric forklift truck into the Linde E1 race kart. Shortly afterwards, racing driver Andreas Wolf accelerated the e-kart from 0 to 100 in 3.45 seconds, setting a new world record. To make the E1, eMotion built the motor, battery, display, controls and software of the Linde E20 – E50 electric forklift into a racing chassis of the kart racing class KZ1 and 2. Without a driver, the Linde E1 weighed around 160 kilos and reached a peak speed of around 120 km/h.

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K-Kart E2 by Linde eMotion

The E2 for Race Tracks

The E1 was built exclusively to set a the world record and is not designed for full racing distances. eMotion therefore developed the Linde E2 – an electric kart for everyday use on race tracks. eMotion found an experienced partner in RiMO Transportgeräte GmbH & Co. KG for the design. RiMO designed a compact electric kart which can be used on any race track. The eMotion engineers took care of the construction and cabling of the electrical components, the software development and the suitability of the drive behavior.

With a top speed of 85 km/h, the E2 is not quite as fast as its predecessor, but it can accelerate from 0 to 70 km/h in 5.1 seconds. The motor delivers a performance of max. 16 kW. Once fully charged, the kart can travel a distance of up to 30 km. For use on indoor tracks, for which strict emissions regulations must be adhered to, the emission-free electric kart offers an affordable alternative. So as not to lessen the driving experience, the noiseless electric drive of the E2 is fitted with a sound module. This is aligned with the motor speed and generates authentic driving noises.

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Video on automated Linde e-kart

The Driverless Kart

The E2 kart also works well without a driver. The software in the kart can be equipped with the geonavigation used in Linde robotics equipment. This feature enables the vehicle to move fully autonomously on the road. This not only works in the constant light conditions of an indoor track, but also outdoors. The driverless karts can reach a speed of around 36 km/h.

Linde’s Speedzoning function ensures even greater safety on dangerous sections. As soon as the kart enters a previously marked area, the vehicle software throttles the speed. The driver is now restricted to the defined maximum speed while driving through this area.

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New 500 E by Karabag with Linde drive

The Electric Car New 500 E

In 2011, the small electric car, the New 500 E, is developed for the company Karabag. Based on the Fiat 500, this puts Linde eMotion’s electrical technology and expertise on the road for the first time.

microMAX concept vehicle from Rinspeed AG

The microMAX Concept Vehicle

In 2013, the microMAX concept vehicle from Rinspeed AG celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. They develop the perfect vehicle with Linde eMotion electric drive for use in their car-sharing app.

One of the highlights of the 2013 MobiliTec Trade Fair was the motorized cab with drive technology from Linde

The Motorized Cabs

How about a cab ride in contemplative silence and in places that can hardly even be reached by horses? Impossible? The cab manufacturer AAGLAND GmbH & Co. KG found the solution in the form of the Linde electric drive. The system was simply mounted to the rear axle and then nothing stood in the way of the motorized cab ride. The vehicle was one of the biggest crowd-pleasers at MobiliTec 2013. What people found particularly impressive was the rapid electrification of the classic vehicles with the drive components from Linde forklift technology.

The Linde service van with drive technology from Linde forklifts

The Linde Service Van

Linde Material Handling also has a need for electric drives beyond its own forklift trucks. The Linde electric service van was introduced for the first time at the World of Material Handling 2014. The fully equipped service vehicle, based on the Fiat Ducato, was retrofitted with the drive components from the Linde forklift for future use by the Linde Service organization in large cities and congested areas. With this vehicle, Linde is contributing to reducing emissions in heavily populated areas. In addition, with the electric truck, servicing and repair work can also be carried out in areas with air pollution-related driving restrictions.

Are you thinking about switching your forklift truck to an electric drive? Great, then we look forward to hearing from you!

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