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The joysticks, accelerator pedals and directional switches have proven their worth in Linde Material Handling forklift trucks over decades as part of intensive intralogistics operations and are continuously improved. They allow operators to carry out precise and smooth driving and operating maneuvers.

Joystick, electronic CEH 80

Joystick (CEH 80)

  • 2-way and 4-way versions available
  • Spring-centered transverse axis
  • Optionally available with brake
  • Additional switch function in handle
  • Suitable for installation in console

Joystick LLC

Joystick (LLC)

  • Potentiometer joystick
  • Stabilized supply voltage of 5 to 15 volt
  • Spring centered
  • Suitable for installation in armrest
  • Various different versions available, e.g. single lever or 4-way version

Accelerator/inch pedal CEH 20/05

Accelerator and inch pedal (CEH 20/05)

  • Use as accelerator or inch pedal for set point specification
  • Stabilized supply voltage of 5 to 15 volt
  • Robust high-pressure-die-cast console

Linde pedal

Accelerator pedal (CEH 20/06)

  • Mechanically and electrically fully redundant accelerator pedal
  • 5-volt sensor voltage supply
  • Contactless measurement principle
  • IP 6K9K protection class

D-N-R directional switch CEH 25

Directional switch (CEH 25)

  • Three engaging switch positions for Drive, Neutral and Reverse
  • Ergonomic control
  • Switching voltage up to 70 volt

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