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Building blocks for an innovative quick start

A truck can only achieve what its component parts allow. Linde eMotion therefore uses tried-and-tested components from Linde Material Handling’s forklift truck technology for retrofitting and developing customized solutions in the field of electrically powered trucks.

We advise customers on the right choice of products to ensure that all components interact perfectly. These include, for example, powerful drives,robust axlesand reliable accessories such as control sticks,inverters,joysticks, sensorsand customized batteries.

Linde eMotion also provides truck software as an essential component of a modern drive solution. We also provide software for set-up and diagnostics of transmission control as well as a fleet management system for reliable and innovative functions relating to the deployment of trucks with electric drives.

Drives & accessories

Compact Power

At the heart of all innovations developed jointly by Linde eMotion and partners are: drive and pump motors, servo drives, and cycloidal gearboxes from the reliable range of mass production technology used in forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling.

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Reliable sensors and peripheral equipment

The peripheral equipment and sensors from Linde Material Handling’s forklift truck technology are meticulously manufactured, designed to be robust and can be used seamlessly with the drive solutions in trucks.

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Digital head start

Linde eMotion’s LinDiag® is modern and user-friendly software for set-up and diagnostics. The system is fully compatible with Linde eMotion electronic transmission controls and can be used on standard computers with a Windows operating system.

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A complete digital overview

The Linde Material Handling connect fleet management solution can be combined with Linde eMotion drive solutions. It connects trucks and continuously updates fleet managers with status, capacity utilization and usage-related information.

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Full control – maximum performance

Linde eMotion LINC series controls enable users to manage all machine operations via a single set of control electronics. As tried-and-tested solutions, they ensure that all electrical components interact perfectly.

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Other products

Efficient inverters

The power modules for drive motors and pump motors enable AC motors to be used in battery-operated trucks.

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Aides that put you on the right track

The joysticks, accelerator pedals and directional switches have proven their worth in Linde Material Handling forklift trucks over decades as part of intensive intralogistics operations.

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Pivotal role of compact axles

Linde eMotion has a range of different axles. The models feature a high level of integration and an ultra-compact design.

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Energy as required

Linde eMotion has the perfect solutions to suit all areas of application thanks to Linde Material Handling’s batteries which have been tried and tested in forklift trucks.

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