The connect fleet management solution

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Dashboard of the connect fleet management solution

Central information and management platform

Where exactly are the trucks? Is the fleet being optimally utilized? Who drove a particular truck last? These questions are essential, in particular for fleet managers, for ensuring that trucks are used cost-effectively and safely – completely irrespective of the field of application. The Linde Material Handling connect product family can, where necessary, be combined with Linde eMotion drive solutions.

Here, the fleet management solution connects trucks and continuously updates fleet managers with status-related information. This transparency makes deploying the fleet safer and more cost-effective. The availability of each individual truck also increases. The advantages of connect can be utilized across different industries and applications.

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Advantages at a glance

More cost-effective

  • Identify underused, overused and fault-prone trucks
  • Increase truck availability
  • Identify bottlenecks early on
  • Detect, reduce or avoid overcapacity

Ensure maximum safety

  • Prevent unauthorized use of trucks
  • Limit intentional misuse and irresponsible driving
  • Detect and resolve hazard spots in truck traffic
  • Implement automated speed adjustment in defined zones
  • Detect operational limitations of trucks early on

Greater transparency

  • Clear assignment of drivers and trucks
  • Administration of drivers' licenses, training and health checks
  • Representation of the organizational structure in fleet management
  • Detailed usage and consumption data for each truck
  • Individually configurable, informative reports

Optimal service

  • Reduce substantive damage
  • Track maintenance intervals
  • Avoid overuse of individual trucks
  • Prevent key loss
  • Detect truck damage early on

connect in use

Full control on the kart track

Kart track operators have similar system operation requirements to those encountered in the logistics industry: maximum safety, minimum repairs and optimum vehicle capacity utilization. So why not also use a tried-and-tested fleet management solution from the forklift truck industry for kart tracks? That’s exactly what happened for E-DRENALINE, which the Italian manufacturer of racing and rental karts CRG developed together with Linde eMotion. The e-kart was fitted with the Linde connect fleet management solution. It provides kart track operators with all important information on their fleet: Who is currently at the wheel? To what extent is kart capacity being utilized? Which driver had a crash and when? The video features the Zürich-Rümlang kart track where the karts have already been fitted with connect.

Driverless travel thanks to connect

Linde connect has also been integrated into the driverless car XchangE from Rinspeed. connect’s data logging and transfer system has been used here for efficiently servicing, operating and managing individual cars or entire fleets of them. Linde connect also carries out smart access control in the XchangE via RFID technology as an electronic ignition key. In an interview at the Geneva International Motor Show, Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed AG, discusses how the system is used and why he opted for Linde connect.

connect in detail

Linde connect functions

The function modules of Linde connect can be combined to form a system which optimally meets your specific requirements.

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Linde connect software

Linde connect software provides comprehensive access to all fleet data.

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Linde connect hardware

Linde connect hardware components connect the fleet, databases and software.

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