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Linde Material Handlingis a leading global manufacturer of industrial trucks and has set the standard for cost-efficiency, productivity and sustainability with its solutions for over 50 years. Linde introduced the first electrically driven forklift truck at the Hanover Fair in 1971. Since then, Linde has produced millions of electric drive systems. Today, all those decades of experience are pooled into Linde’s eMotion division, where the technology used in the series production for Linde’s electric forklift trucks is transferred to new applications. For small and large companies alike, eMotion is a strong partner for the electrification of a variety of vehicles.

Linde eMotion Team

From left to right: Sandra Hans, Linde eMotion Application Engineer, Wolfgang Klüpfel, Head of Linde eMotion and Mona Dölger, Linde eMotion Sales Assistant

Whether they’re looking for a retrofit solution or a complete solution, the eMotion team supports customers from development all the way through to the finished product and optimizes each solution for individual energy and cost-efficiency specifications. To do this, Linde eMotion engineers use electrical, electronic and mechanical assemblies from Linde forklift trucks and adapt them to the customer’s project. A wide dealer network with sales partners like Motrac Linde, Suffel Fördertechnikand Lindigas well as collaboration partners such as MARXguarantee comprehensive service on site and ensure the supply of spare parts.

Since it was founded in 2010, eMotion has innovated a diverse range of new developments. These include the Linde E1 race kart, which set a new record for acceleration in 2011. Its successor, the E2, and E-DRENALINE are now used worldwide as rental karts. Over the coming years, many innovations emerged, including a fully electric sweeper,the rail shunters ROTRAC E2 and E4 by Zwiehoff, the electric car Karabag New 500 E, the container loader Cargo Master CML7 Green Lineat Munich Airport, the concept vehicle microMAX and a light electric truck for a South-Korean manufacturer.

Our Milestones from the Last Decade

Erste Fahrzeug der Baker Motor Vehicle Company im Jahr 1889

Starting Out

In 1889, the Baker Motor Vehicle Company, later to become Linde’s subsidiary in the USA, begins constructing electric cars and commercial vehicles.

Kleintransporter der Linde Tochter Fenwick im Jahr 1941


In 1941, the company which was later to become Linde’s French subsidiary Fenwick retrofits more than 100 lightweight transport vehicles with electric motors for Citroen PSA.

Erster batteriebetriebener Linde-Stapler E10 – E15 aus dem Jahr 1971

Electric Forklift Trucks

In 1971, Linde Material Handling introduces the first battery-operated Linde forklift trucks, the E10 – E15, at the Hanover Fair. Electric drive is the noiseless and emission-free alternative to the combustion engine and expands Linde’s product portfolio to industrial trucks.

Staplerbaureihe E12 – E18 aus dem Jahr 1982

Power Electronics

In 1982, with the E12 – E18 product line, Linde introduces power electronics, which enables the precise control of electric motors.

Linde Load Control


From 1995, Linde Load Control enables the lift mast functions to be electrically controlled using a joystick. The new technology facilitates extremely sensitive operation and soon becomes the industry standard.

Original eMotion logo


In 2010, Linde Material Handling founds the Electronic Systems & Drives business field, which presents the company’s electrical expertise under the label eMotion.

Linde kart E1

World Record-Breaking Kart

In 2011, the electric kart E1, the drive of which comes directly from a Linde electric forklift truck, goes from 0 to 100 in 3.45 seconds, setting a new world record for acceleration.

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Rotrac E2 by Zwiehoff with Linde drive


In 2011, Linde eMotion develops the electric road/rail shunter for Zwiehoff the electric two-way shunter ROTRAC E2 followed later by the ROTRAC E4 . Today, the compact rail shunter is used all over the world to pull trains weighing up to 250 tonnes.

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New 500 E by Karabag with Linde drive

Electric Cars

In 2011, the small electric car, the New 500 E, is developed for the company Karabag. Based on the Fiat 500, this puts Linde eMotion’s electrical technology and expertise on the road for the first time.

Cargo Master by Laweco with Linde drive

Container Loaders

In 2012, for Munich airport, Linde eMotion replaces the diesel generator set of the airport container loader by Laweco with an electric drive. The result: The Cargo Master CML7 Green Line saves 7,800 liters of diesel in its first year alone.

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Linde eMotion eco-kit

Drive Kits

In 2012, Linde eMotion introduces its eco-kits at the Automechanika automotive fair in Frankfurt. The pre-assembled drive kits in three performance classes allow vehicles to be retrofitted with electric drives.

microMAX concept vehicle from Rinspeed AG

Concept Vehicle

In 2013, the microMAX concept vehicle from Rinspeed AG celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. They develop the perfect vehicle with Linde eMotion electric drive for use in their car-sharing app.

K-Kart E2 by Linde eMotion

E2 for Race Tracks

After the success of the world record-breaking Linde E1, in 2013 eMotion develops the successor model, the Linde E2. Thanks to the improved battery performance and optimized motor performance, it can be used on regular race tracks.

Two years later, in collaboration with the Italian kart manufacturer CRG, Linde eMotion develops the e-kart series E-DRENALINE. As well as electric drive technology, Linde eMotion equips the karts with software solutions from Linde forklifts, built into the chassis by CRG.

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Motorized cab from AAGLAND GmbH & Co. KG with electric drive by Linde

Motorized Cabs

The cab manufacturer AAGLAND GmbH & Co. KG presents an unusual combination of tradition and innovation at MobiliTec 2013. Thanks to Linde’s easy-to-install drive solution, the classic cab is transformed into an extremely quiet and environmentally friendly motorized cab.

‘Peace’ small truck by Power Plaza

Small Trucks

The Peace small truck from the South Korean e-mobility experts Power Plaza was fitted by eMotion with an electric drive system from the Linde forklifts. In 2014, it was approved for use on roads in South Korea.

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The Linde service van with drive technology from Linde forklifts

Linde Service Van

The Linde electric service van was introduced for the first time at the World of Material Handling 2014. The fully equipped service vehicle, based on the Fiat Ducato, was retrofitted with the drive components from the Linde forklift for future use by Linde Service in large cities and congested areas. With this vehicle, Linde is contributing to reducing emissions in heavily populated areas. In addition, with the electric truck, servicing and repair work can also be carried out in areas with air pollution-related driving restrictions. Four vehicles have already been field-tested in the Ruhr District and Bremen in Germany, and in London, in order to cover a broad spectrum of possible application profiles.

eHoftrac by Weidemann with Linde drive

Farm Loaders

The eHoftrac is an emission-free work vehicle from Weidemann GmbH with Linde drive. After a pilot phase, this new farm loader goes into series production from fall 2014.

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Head of Linde eMotion

Wolfgang Klüpfel

Applications Engineer Linde eMotion

Sandra Hans

Sales Assistant Linde eMotion

Mona Dölger