Pivotal role of compact axles

Linde Material Handling has developed a wide range of large and small axles to meet flexible requirements. As a result, the right axle size is available to meet all power requirements of relevant trucks. The models feature a high level of integration, meaning that they contain all important components for drive operations. As such, trucks are ready for operation immediately after installation. What’s more, the construction of the axles enables an ultra-compact design. This means that they can be deployed in extremely diverse and flexible ways when retrofitting and developing trucks.

Design features

  • Two drive motors in one joint axle housing
  • Integrated sensors, power modules, brakes and transmission
  • AK 20 E: additional integrated pump motor in the joint housing and fan cooling
  • AE 30 – 04: separable version for widened tracks

Key figures

Model Battery voltage [VDC]Nominal capacity [kW]Weight
Max. torque [Nm]Max. rotational speed [rpm]Max. axle load [kg]
AE18482 x 5.5205.528402324884
AK20242 x 3.5
1 x 5
482 x 5
1 x 11
AE30802 x 927548002213500
AE35802 x 933744251827706
AE50802 x 12.5450714014911700
AE80802 x 10.5936.91839210121500

Product advantages of axles

  • Extremely high level of integration, ultra-compact design
  • Consistent low-speed behavior
  • High starting torque

Ansprechpartner eMotion

Head of Linde eMotion

Wolfgang Klüpfel

Applications Engineer Linde eMotion

Sandra Hans